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About ADS Environmental Services

ADS empowers our customers to See, Understand, and Act. We visualize that which our customers cannot normally see to prevent problems that they normally cannot anticipate. ADS is the proven industry leader for bringing the most comprehensive and integrated platform of technology, support services, experience, and expertise to our customers. ADS operates and provides unique flow, level and rainfall monitoring solutions in the wastewater collection systems, stormwater, surface water, flood control, and irrigation markets. ADS reduces customer risk by equipping users with all the necessary tools and expertise for capturing, analyzing, storing, reporting, and visualizing actionable answers to how their unique systems behave under varying conditions and, in many cases, identify when, where, and how systems will fail in time to prevent the failures. As a result, municipal managers, engineers, and operations personnel improve the lives and health of the public by making sound, fact-based decisions for better operational performance and prioritized capital planning. ADS delivers these solutions differently than others – we supply near real-time, data-driven answers via a complete suite of information tools and services that continuously improve and grow for an ever-changing market. We lead the market in the development of smart analytical software and metering hardware technologies, provide the largest base of local, high-performing teams for ongoing operational support, and have the deepest experience as a program manager providing expert insights and answers. Through this comprehensive approach, ADS understands and responds to market changes, continuously delivering insightful product and service improvements that empower customers to meet new technical and financial challenges.

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